Passionate people who drive digital healthcare forward

Digital Pharma Lab is a vibrant ecosystem of over +200 pharmaceutical companies, startups and healthcare institutions.

We provide everything pharma industrials need to embrace the digital economy : mindset, culture, startups network, experience and knowledge.

Transform your teams. Accelerate your digital ambition. Join us.

"When people work together,
mountains turn to gold."

Key programs

Our expertise for your digital transformation!
We build agile programs that match your team needs and maturity
One thing in common: its impact

Global Pharma Booster

Global Pharma Booster

Collaborate with the world's best startups
Worldwide startups scouting that match your needs, coaching during the collaboration and support for the contracting process
Digital Passport

Digital Passport

Ready to enter the digital world
Evaluate your digital maturity inside the ecosystem and build on your strengths with our recommendation
Digital Spark

Digital Spark

Acculturate your team to entrepreneur mindset
Digital Economy workshop for Executive Commitee, strategic projects by collaborators and personalized coaching & follow-up for each project
Pharma Experience

Pharma Experience

Discover a new horizons
Discover new ecosystems and innovation across the world, enrich yourself with the culture of a region and meet inspirational speakers
Coalition Next®

Coalition Next®

Private and public digital health ecosystem
Alliance of +50 healthcare players (companies, hospitals, associations) and calls for projects on cross-cutting topics to help patients manage their disease and improve adherence to treatment

What they say about us?

"Thanks to Digital Pharma Lab, we manage to align with external stakeholders and really have a clear action plan on deciding how to move forward."

Francesco Ruospo

Chief Business Officer -

"Digital Pharma Lab gave us visibility with pharmaceutical companies, the opportunity to pitch our project to a board of directors"

Soizic Ambrosi

Principal Co-founder - Intertio

"Digital Pharma Lab brought a lot to my lab by digitalizing it, which allowed us to promote our call for projects in the best way!"

Clément Navarro

Product Manager - Nordic Pharma France

"Digital Pharma Lab allowed us to get in touch with Servier"
"A good orchestration, Digital Pharma Lab allowed us to accelerate all the processes in our project with Servier, and to create urgency"

Akpeli Nordor

Co-founder & CEO - Epigene Labs

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