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Dive into the AI revolution with our specialized training program, designed to arm pharmaceutical industry professionals with the essential skills to harness the power of artificial intelligence. Become a pivotal force in transforming your organization by mastering AI tools and strategies that redefine innovation, efficiency, and productivity in the field.

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Background and main objective

● Acculturate participants to Generative AI
● Understand the current AI ecosystem and potential
● Face a major strategic challenge : staying competitive in a rapidly evolving field
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Approach and Method

● Empirical methodology with a training focused on practice.
● Small groups workshops to educate and engage participants, facilitating a deep understanding of AI tools and concepts.
● Interactive keynote to immerse participants in the world of generative AI, with a focus on its application in the Pharma industry
● Live demonstration of trend-setting AI tools
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Results and benefits

Broad engagement: 40 Grünenthal global staff trained, from COMEX to data analysts;
Encouraging feedback:  96% felt ready to integrate AI into their daily professional lives.

The insights and learning gained from this experience confirmed the effectiveness of a practical, interactive approach to facilitating acculturation to AI, highlighting the importance of adaptability and ongoing engagement in the learning process.
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Commitment to the future

● Post-training follow-up aiming for continuous innovation
● Continued training for various clusters and core businesses

This promising future is founded on a solid partnership, focused on excellence and constant adaptation to technological developments.
Florent Edouard

“In Grunenthal we decided to double down on the usage of AI because of all the opportunities it offers to optimize the way we work. But what truly makes a company is the people that work in it, so to be able to move rapidly we decided to partner with DPL to fast track our people capabilities, and ensure quickly that they can use any type of AI present or to come in their daily life.
The training was amazing and the participant feedback was overwhelming.
We are now ready to exploit AI at scale”

Florent Edouard
Global Head of Commercial Excellence


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